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AIS Electronics Chartplotter

ais electronics chartplotter



Product Description

The AIS electronics chartplotter with 17 inch is built-in the GPS positioning function.

Product Specification

Model L170
Voltage DC 24V (11~35V)
Power Consumption ≤20W
Power High Performance, full isolated, PWM control of power supply
Installation Bracket and Embedded
Display Unit
Type 17’’ TFT LCD
Resolution 1280×1024
Language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Plotter Characteristics
Data Storage Suspension data: Information of ship’s latitude and longitude, fish zone, speed, course; Navigation information of waypoints and routes; Time, date and so on
Other Functions Tide and Compass Pages;
GNSS Characteristics  (Customized GPS+Beidou)
Receive Type GPS/ Glonass / Galineo / Beidou   Support: WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS / GAGAN
Receive Channel GPS: 1575.42MHz(L1)  Beidou: 1561.098MHz(L)
Acquisition Time Cold Start: 45s    Hot Start: 15s
Accuracy GPS:<15m(95%)  Beidou: Horizontal 25m (95%)   Vertical: 30m (95%)
SD Card Update software and chart, import and export data