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GP-170 GPS Navigator

gp 170 gps navigator


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The Furuno GP 170 (D)GPS navigator is an ideal position sensor for radar, AIS, ECDIS, autopilot, echo sounder and other navigation and communications equipment. It’s a completely new designed GPS chip and antenna unit deliver enhanced stability and precision in position fixing.

The Furuno GP 170 consists of an antenna and display unit. The display unit is a 5,7″ color LCD, offering optimum viewing around the clock. In order to improve position accuracy, WAAS and DGPS augmentation systems are available. Dual configuration, with a second system, provides a backup and/or remote operation to ensure system availability.

This new Furuno GP 170 GPS navigator meet the specific requirements for alerts and interconnection with Bridge Alert Management (BAM) in IMO MSC.302 (87).


  • GP-170 Display Unit
  • GPA-17S Antenna Unit
  • GPA-020S Antenna Unit
  • GPA-021S Antenna Unit
  • OP20-33 D-GPS Receiver Kit
  • MOD-WPAS0001-030+ Network Cable 3 m with waterproof connector
  • OP20-40/41 Flush Mount Kit
  • NO. 13-QA330/NO. 13 QA310/NO. 13-RC5160 Antenna Base
  • IF-2503 Interface Unit
  • PR-62 Rectifier