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Marine Navigator

marine navigator



Product Description

Marine navigator 10 inch display is supplied by Saiyang.

The marine navigator can be connected with radar, sonar, compass and other different kinds of sensors for multi-image display.

Product Feature

●Built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver board with accurate positioning, adopting advanced and independent R&D technology of high stable navigational speed and course;

●GPS, Chart, Tide, Compass, etc, internal AIS, can be connected with echo sounder, fish finder and wireless AIS fishing net buoy, flash quick start technology, stable performance;

●Autonomous access the AIS wireless network after power on, T9 numeric keypad and shortcut keys, supports pinyin and stroke Chinese character input, comfortable usage;

●Aerospace-grade, all time professional true-color TFT LCD, suitable for navigation in the sun and at night;

●Rapidly update by external SD card that is fully supported the system, chart and the update of the extended functions;

●Certificated of Marine Product(Class B) by China Classification Society(CCS);Comply to AIS Class B shipborne equipment standard(IEC 62287-1);

●Certified by Register of Fishing Vessel of the People’s Republic of China

Product Specification

Model AIS9000-10
Voltage DC 24V (11~35V)
Power Consumption ≤20W
Power High Performance, full isolated, PWM control of power supply
Installation Bracket and Embedded
Display Unit
Type 10’’ TFT LCD
Resolution 800×600
Language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Plotter Characteristics
Data Storage Suspension data: Information of ship’s latitude and longitude, fish zone, speed, course; Navigation information of waypoints and routes; Time, date and so on
Other Functions Tide and Compass Pages; AIS Display and Alarm, AIS Message, Vessel Management(if input AIS)
GNSS Characteristics  (Customized GPS+Beidou)
Receive Type GPS/ Glonass / Galineo / Beidou   Support: WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS / GAGAN
Receive Channel GPS: 1575.42MHz(L1)  Beidou: 1561.098MHz(L)
Acquisition Time Cold Start: 45s    Hot Start: 15s
Accuracy GPS:<15m(95%)  Beidou: Horizontal 25m (95%)   Vertical: 30m (95%)
SD Card Update software and chart, import and export data
Frequency AIS 1: 87B/161.975MHz

AIS 2: 88B/162.025MHz

Bandwidth 25KHz
Output Power 2W
Modulation GMSK