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Marine Ship Equipment GPS

marine ship equipment gps



Product Description

The marine ship equipment GPS with AIS function is supplied by Nantong OVA.

The 8 inch AIS chartplotter AIS9000-08 is good at 2w and 5w, we also have big power 12.5w.

Product Parameters

Model AIS9000-08
Display Size 8″
Resolution 640×480
ExternalDimension 303mmx218mmx99mm
Display Mode TFT LCD COLOR Display
Operating Mode Adjustable backlight button, shortcut button, T9 keyboard
Language Simple Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese
Voltage Range 11~35V DC
Power High performance, full isolated PWM control of power supply
Power dissipation ≤15W
Safe Distance of Compass ≥1.5 m





AIS Function

TX Channel 1 ch
RX Channel 2 ch
Receive Frequency 156.025~162.025MHz
Default Channel CH2087,CH2088
Bandwidth 25KHz
Modulation Mode GMSK


Superior to-107dBm
RF Out Power 2 W
TX Channel 87B/161.975MHz
RX Channel 88B/162.025MHz

GPS Receiver

Adopt high speed stable technology
GPS Positioning accuracy:≤15m, 95% accuracy
positioning time:cold start 45s, warm start15s


Navigation performance

Waypoint & Mark:6000 points
Route:200 routes, each route contains 99 waypoints
Track:≥200 routes
Include the tide and compass
Intelligent collision avoidance



1.GPS output:RS-422, NMEA0183, 4800bps
2.AIS input & output:RS-422, NMEA0183, 38400bps
3.Sonar input & output:RS-422, NMEA0183, 115200bps
4.GPS Antenna Interface:BNC base, impedence 50Ω
5.VHF Antenna Interface:UHF base, impedence 50Ω
6.Powerinterface:24V DC
Environment Temperature -15℃~50℃
Protection Level IP44

Standard Annex

1. GPS Antenna
2. Power Line
3. Safety Fuse, Locking Screws
4. Manual, Certificate, Warranty Card