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Multifuction AIS Chartplotter

multifuction ais chartplotter



Product Description

Multifuction AIS chartplotter 8 inch is supplied by Saiyang.

Under the GPS positioning function,you can see the navigation trajectory,own ship position and port of destination.

Product Function

●Powerful and advanced technology

●Flexible and convenient operations

●External and quick update

●Certified with authoritativa quality system

●Industrial and high quality material

●Exquisite apperance,convenient and practial

Product Specification

Model AIS9000-08
Power Supply DC 24V (11~35V)
Power High-performance, full isolated, PWM control of power supply
Installation Bracket or Embedded
Display Unit
Frequency Range 156.025 MHz~162.025 MHz
Channel Bandwidth 25KHz
Modulation GMSK
Number of Transmitters 1
AIS Channel 1 CH 87B (161.975MHz)
AIS Channel 2 CH 88B(162.025MHz)
Tx Power Output 2 Watt(33dBm ±1.5dBm)
Rx Sensitivity <-107 dBm @ 20% PER
Rx Message AIS Class A & B messages
GPS Receiver(Built-in)
Receiving Channels 50 channels(Customizable GPS+Beidou)
Acquisition Time Cold Start: 45s  Hot Start: 15s
Accuracy <15m (95%)
Power(Red) System Power on/off
Error(Yellow) Receiving or transmitting error
TX(Red) Transmitting AIS Data
RX1(Green) Receiving AIS channel 1 data
RX2(Green) Receiving AIS channel 2 data
GPS(Green) Receiving GPS data
GPS Antenna Connector BNC
VHF Antenna Connector NS-KYA3
NMEA0183(RS-422) 1(38400bps)
Input/Output -15°C~55°C(+5°F~+130°F)
Waterproof IP44
Applicable Standards
IEC 62287-1 Ed.2, 2010       IEC 61108-1 Ed.1, 2003       IEC 61162-1 Ed. 3, 2007
IEC 60945 Ed. 4, 2002        IEC 61162-2 Ed. 1, 1998       ITU-R M.1371-4, 2010