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Applications and key features:

  • Fully IMO-compliant
  • Standard AIS features fully implemented in accordance with relevant specifications and recommendations
  • Highly versatile multifunctional display unit
  • Integrates with external differential GPS receiver, gyrocompass, speed log, chart systems, and radars
  • Large number of input and output ports to support highly complex and integrated bridge systems
  • Channel management capability (regional AIS frequencies)
  • Easy access to standardized and proprietary safety-related text messages
  • Fully upgradable to support future features
  • Pilot plug integrated in display unit
  • 1 W output power option when handling hazardous cargo
  • Interoperable with Saab Airborne AIS
  • Supports AIS Class B “carrier sense” messages
  • Supports transmission of Saftey Related Messages (SRM) as well as general text messages