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Simrad V5035




The Simrad V5035 is an IMO Type approved Class-A AIS transponder system. It is a full featured Class-A AIS with everything needed for compliance at an excellent value. V5035 AIS is also type approved for Inland AIS applications.

Configuration Options

The V5035 is a standalone AIS system that includes the V5035 transponder with integrated display, junction box, GPS antenna and pilot port connector assembly. The V5035 easily integrates with the SIMRAD MX610/MX612/GN70 navigation system and NSO, NSS, E5000, Maris ECDIS systems via the NMEA 2000 network. The junction box allows for easy connection to external GPS system, ECDIS, RADAR and VDR.

Safety and Awareness

Adding AIS to navigation for spontaneous‘ship-to-ship’ or ‘ship-to-shore’ recognition greatly enhances safety at sea and provides mariners with new levels of real-time information. AIS systems allow you to receive an instant overview of traffic situations and the maneuvers of other ships, make contact with other ships easily by using the Call Signs presented by the AIS screen, and you can also get detailed information on AIS enabled ships in radar blind zones.