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felcom 16 inm c


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The system is intended for transmitting a security alert when the ship is under attack by pirates, terrorists, etc. It notifies a preset flag administration on land that the ship is under threat, without generating any audio/visual alarms to prevent others onboard from sensing that a security alert is transmitted. Its multi-addressed transmission function enables reports to a ship’s owner as well as to a flag administration in parallel.

The information transmitted includes ship’s current position and identification. Ship’s position, obtained by using the built-in GPS receiver, is sent at regular intervals so that a flag administration and the shipowner are kept informed of the position of the ship. A backup battery is available as an option to drive the system up to five days for continual data transmission. Furthermore, its polling function enables tracking of a ship even after the loss of ship’s communication.

The FELCOM 16 / SSAS facility can be easily installed anywhere in the bridge thanks to its compact size. To generate the alarm is simple; just flip up the protective cover and press the alert button. There is no need for the setting of the system.
Standard Features

  • Complying with IMO resolution MSC.136(76), MSC.144(77), MSC/Circ.1072
  • Also complying with IEC 60945, IEC 61162
  • Employs Inmarsat Mini-C system
  • Multi-addressed transmission enables in parallel reports to a flag administration as well as to company security officer in parallel
  • Optional backup battery for continual operation up to 5 days
  • GPS receiver incorporated
  • Compact antenna and communication unit for ease of installation
  • Polling function enables tracking of a ship even after the ship loss the communication
  • Data reporting function enables reporting of ship’s position at regular intervals