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tt3000 mini c



Based on a lifetime experience in maritime communication products for the GMDSS requirements, Thrane & Thrane now presents a GMDSS solution made from the 4th generation.

The SAILOR TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS System has been developed to meet market requirements for reliable and stable communication. Whether it is an emergency that requires distress calling or messaging of an ordinary commercial character, the SAILOR TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS system is your ultimate choice as a reliable satellite communication platform. The ruggedized compact design of the SAILOR TT-3026C GMDSS mini-C transceiver makes it very attractive for your new GMDSS solution. SAILOR TT-3000E is based on proven technology from the largest supplier of Inmarsat-C terminals.

Ship Security Alert System Add-on

The TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS System comprises the possibility to function as Ship Security Alert System also. Based on the experiences from the well-known SAILOR TT-3000SSA Ship Security Alert System, it has been a natural evolution to develop an add-on solution for the SAILOR TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS system. The SSAS add-on kit is expected to be available from the second quarter of 2006.

SAILOR TT-3000LT mini-C Long Range Identification and Tracking System

With its proven track record in both maritime distress and security, the Inmarsat C system has now become the preferred satellite system for Long Range Identification and Tracking.
Many of the existing transceivers originate from Thrane & Thrane. The SAILOR TT-3000 LRIT is a stand-alone LRIT solution that fully meets the performance standard for LRIT as described in document MSC81/210 and is separated from other services such as GMDSS or SSAS. It is an easy-to-install fit-and-forget system, which does not even require a crew interface. The only requirement is power and as the entire package consists of just 3 parts, the mini-C transceiver, a pole mount and a connection cable (20/50m), it can be installed almost everywhere any time.

SAILOR TT-3000SSA Maritime Mini-C SSAS System is a stand-alone Ship Security Alert System and Tracking solution fully meeting SOLAS Resolution XI-2/6 and is separated from other services such as GMDSS or LRIT. The system consists of just 6 easily fitted parts and can be installed almost everywhere at any time. Fully sealed and waterproof it is a reliable and cost-efficient SSAS solution.


  • TT-3026M Antenna/transceiver unit with SSAS software and built-in GPS
  • 403026-101 Pole Mount 1″
  • TT-3616D Break Outbox
  • 403026-943 Connection Cable, 20m
  • 2 x 403000SSA-911 Alert buttons with 50m cable
  • 1 x 403000SSA-912 Test buttons with 50m cable
  • User and installation manual

Features & Benefits

  • Inmarsat-C Global Coverage
  • Global Ship Security and Alert System (SSAS)
  • Covert Alert Alarm reporting in case of piracy or terrorist attacks
  • Data reporting of lat/long/speed/course/time/date/MMSI to on-shore parties with regular intervals
  • Remote SSAS polling for mini-C terminal status and configuration at any time
  • SSAS software for automatic, fire-and-forget tracking reports after alerts have been initiated
  • Power Control and Signal Loss Control reporting automatically position/date/time of such events to shore parties
  • Position log for over 10,000 positions
  • Fully sealed and waterproof, designed and approved for maritime installations.
  • Simple installation
G/T: 23.7 dB/K at 5° elevation
EIRP 7 dBW at 5° elevation
Elevation Angle -15° to 90°
Operating Frequencies RX: 1525.0 – 1559.0 MHz, TX: 1626.5 – 1660.5 MHz, GPS: 1575.42 MHz
IP Rating IP68
Temperature Range Operating: -35°C to 55°C, Storage: -40°C to 80°C
Transceiver Height 146 mm (5.7″)
Weight 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs)