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Vingtor-Stentofon ACM Family



vingtor stentofon

The Vingtor-Stentofon ACM system unites and enhances a vessel’s safety systems by providing outstanding on-board communication. The ACM solutions have three main system variants.

These are:

  • ACM Analog Telephone System
  • ACM Integrated Communication System
  • ACM Advanced Communication System

The ACM systems provide reliable, robust and proven communication solutions. The systems have been continuously developed and enhanced to take advantage of new technologies such as IP Networking.  The different ACM systems are built around the AlphaCom XE intercom server/exchange. The AlphaCom server/exchange is an advanced communication switch designed to meet the growing needs of internal and external communication onboard marine vessels. The server/exchange features advanced functions such as 1-bit audio technology (20 kHz audio), IP switching, Web services, and a wide range of integration options.

AlphaCom XE is a modular platform, supporting IP as well as analog telephones and networking. This modularity and flexibility is reflected in our product portfolio comprising various system packages. These system packages fulfill the requirements of all vessels types, from small conventional vessels to large advanced ships.