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5000 System MF/HF

5000 system mf hf



We are pleased to introduce the new SAILOR System 5000 MF/HF. This product represents a new generation of the Thrane & Thrane product portfolio in the market for GMDSS equipment. As Thrane & Thrane aim to maintain and improve the position as market leader, it is important to keep developing and launching new products and groundbreaking features.

With the launch of the System 5000 MF/HF, Thrane & Thrane has completed its new portfolio of very competitive GMDSS products in just over a year, thus strengthening the company’s position as market leader:

• RT5020/5022 VHF DSC Class A
• TT-3000E mini-C GMDSS
• System 5000 MF/HF

The SAILOR System 5000 MF/HF is a further development of System 4000 150W. The System 5000 offers a range of new features and improved MMI (Man- Machine Interface), based on the high quality and strong reliability known from the System 4000 150W.

From the outset, the System 4000 150W has been very successful in the fishing market and is currently increasingly successful in the SOLAS market. It has proven to be the most powerful and reliable MF/HF system in the market and its Man-Machine Interface (MMI) is considered state of the art.

As the System 5000 is a further development of a well-proven and very successful system and as it provides very cost-effective solutions, Thrane & Thrane A/S strongly expects that the System 5000 will command a significant market share in the years to come as did the predecessors System 4000 and Compact 2000 did in the GMDSS market in the 1990’ties.

• Competitive pricing
• Easier operation
• 150W and 250W Class A MED (wheelmark) approved
• Easier service and repair compared to System 4000 250W
• Easy installation compared to System 4000 250W