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12 Inch 1000~3000W 200KHz Sonar Fish Finder Depth Sounder

12 inch 1000 3000w 200khz sonar fish finder depth sounder



1. Product Description

Fish finder depth sounder 12” true color TFT LCD output 1000~3000W is supplied by SAIYANG.

Sonar depth finder is a color digital sounder designed for and used by a variety of professional fishing operations.


1)Product Feature

DSP Technology Adopt high precision digital signal processing technology
Lowest Blind Field Detect 0.2m ultra-low water level
High Resolution Color LCD 800×600 resolution offers you clear viewing
True-Color TFT LCD Suit to sail in the sunlight and at night
Independent Gain Control Fully independent control of dual-channel gain
SD Data Card Storage and replay echo data and rapidly updating software



Model ES120S
Display 12” Color TFT LCD
Number of Pixel 800×600
Processing Digital signal processing(DSP)
Frequency 200KHz(Optional single or double transducers)
Output Power 1000~3000W
Power Supply 12~36V DC
Accuracy 0.1m
Lowest Blind 0.2m
Range 0~2000m
Auto Range OFF/ON
Auto Gain OFF/L/M/H
Depth Alarm OFF/In Range/ Out Range
Voltage Alarm OFF/ON
Expansion Mode OFF/Auto/Manual/Bottom Lock
Expansion Rate X2, X4, X8, XR (Actual Resolution)
Color 256 Colors
Background Color 8 Colors
Sweep Speed 7 steps(Stop, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, x1, x2, x3)
Depth Unit Meters(m), Feet(ft), Fathom(fa)
Scale Line OFF/ON
Clutter Yes
TX Power OFF/L/M/H
SD Card Storage and replay function, software update
NMEA Input GPS Information (GGA, RMC, VTG)
NMEA Output Depth Data (DPT, DBT)
Language Chinese, English, Korean, Vietnamese
Temperature -10°C~40°C