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1kw Transducer

1kw transducer



Product Description

The high power transducer 1kw transducer A-TD47T is bronze and supplied by Nantong OVA.

1kw transducer will be good at using with our professional high power fish finder.

Product Parameters

  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:ova
  • Model Number:TD47T
  • Usage:Connect with Fish Finder or Echo Sounder
  • Theory:Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Output:1KW
  • Housing:bronzeFrequency:50&200KHz
  • Power:1KW
  • Detail:50KHz: 1KW; 200KHz:1KW
  • Cable Length/Pin:10m/5P
  • Material:Bronze
  • Mount:Thru-Hull

1kw transducer installation location conditions:

• Smooth water flow, less turbulence and bubbles

• The 1kw transducer can be continuously immersed in the water (not suitable for installation in the hull)

•Minimum side rise angle

• The 1kw transducer beam will not be obstructed by the keel or propeller shaft

• There is enough space inside the hull to tighten the nuts and disassemble the valve components and inserts