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Depth Finder Transducer

depth finder transducer



Product Description

The depth finder transducer used on measuring the deepness of the lake and river and finding fish in the sea, river, lake and so on.

We could manufacture all kinds of high power types of marine transducer for you.

Product Functions:

●Use chiefly for hydrolocation in seas, rivers and lakes;

●Use special technology, can work using either one or two resonance frequencies;

●Using wide-band technology, receiving sensitivity and transmitting. Response is very high.

Product Housing:

●Seawater resistant brass shell and stainless steel bolt.

●Rubber shell(stainless steel bolt and water guide sleeve)

High reliability, including solid urethane rubber molding and baked neoprene rubber. Excellent noise characteristics. Transducers that can withstand salt water and underwater pressures are used to generate ultrasonic signals for fish finders, sonar equipment, depth gauges, current meters.

Product Parameters:

Model A-TD86
Frequency 50&200KHz
Power 3KW
Detail 50KHz: 3KW; 200KHz:1.5KW
Cable Length/Pin 15m/5P
Material Rubber
Mount Tank/Keel
Packing Size 39x32x20cm
Weight 8.9kg