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Echo Sounder Equipment

echo sounder equipment



8 inch 600W 200KHz digital echo sounder equipment in ships passed by CCS,Echo Sounder – 8″ Inland River and Marine navigation (approved by CCS)

1. Product Description

Digital echo sounder equipment with 8 color assortments to adapt all kinds of display environment.

SAIYANG echo sounder equipment could have the alarm at any shallow or deep water depth.

8inch LCD navigation echo sounder is used for domestic And international navigation and inland waterway navigation.

The equipment is designed, produced and documented by Saiyang Electronics Co., Ltd. complying with standards for CCS certificate.

Also SAIYANG has acquired the ISO9001 certificate.

The equipment has dual operation interface: Chinese & English.


Product Feature

1. High-contrast 8-inch color TFT LCD display featuring a wide viewing Angle and adjustable brightness (800×600 pixels).

2.The latest designed TVG curve provides perfect gain controls for sonar transmission attenuation

3. High sensitive gain control is helpful to detect the echo distinctly.

4. NMEA0183 outputs connect well to the equipments

Echo sounder equipmentr with a 10 inch, high resolution graphic LCD, continuously shows echo graphics on the LCD along with complete navigational details.