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Fish Finder Depth Finder

fish finder depth finder



Product Description

The fish finder depth finder adopts high precision digital signal processing (DSP) technology which supplie by OVA.

The fish finder depth finder FS1520X  output the power 1000w~5000W.

  • Model NO.: FS1520x
  • Screen Size: 15″
  • Frequency: 200kHz/50kHz
  • Origin: China
  • Use: Automotive
  • Carrier Frequency: Dual-Frequency
  • Power: 11VDC to 35VDC
  • Type: Fishing Equipment

With fish finder depth finder smart new shape and excellent performance, plus the high sensitivity and 1-3 kw power OVA transducers, ensures you satisfied fishing result.

Gain value and weak color deletion functions make fish finder suitable for different water conditions. Easily control your fish on screen in magnifying fish echos mode.