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Marine Depth Sounders

marine depth sounders



OVA navigational Echo Sounder marine depth sounders 3kw Meets IMO standards MSC.74(69) Annex 4.


high progress DSP digital signal processing technology

0.2m ultra low water level detection

NMEA0183 depth data and print out

It is an underwater acoustic instrument that measures the time interval between the transmission of the ultrasonic signal from the reflection of the underwater bottom to the reception of the ultrasonic signal to determine the water depth.

Nautical use:

1. When the ship is sailing in unclear waters or narrow waterways, measure the water depth to ensure the safety of the ship;

2. In the event of poor visibility or failure of other navigational instruments, identify the ship’s position by measuring the depth of the water;

3. Measure the water depth of the water area and provide the water depth data to ensure the safe navigation of the ship.

4. The multifunctional type can realize functions such as underwater survey and fish detection.

OVA navigational Echo Sounder marine depth sounders 3kw is An important navigational instrument.


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