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Marine Gps Depth Finder

marine gps depth finder



Digital Marine Navigational Echo Sounders marine gps depth finder

OVA ES9000-10 colour 10-INCH 1kW/3kW marine gps depth finder is sunlight viewable and offers advanced filtering capabilities with its high tech digital signal processor – ideal for serious leisure users and professional fishermen alike.


10-INCH Sunlight Viewable display

1kW or 3kW Power output dependant on transducer

Digital Filtering feature – For a clearer picture

Choice of Screen Displays

There is a wide choice of display modes.

Auto Function

Designed to plug in and display, the Auto Function mode automatically selects optimum Gain, Range and Shift.  This eliminates tedious settings so the user can just plug in and fish with confidence.

Digital Filtering Feature

Performance and fish detection are unrivalled with the Digital Filtering feature. Eliminates clutter by filtering out the noise to provide a clear detailed image that enhances fish targets in shallow and deep waters.  Enhancing the fish targets makes it easier to differentiate between baitfish, larger shoals of fish and the seabed, resulting in a larger catch for the user.