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MX420 Navigation System

mx420 navigation system


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The Most Advanced DGPS Navigation System

Building on the success of the MX412B navigator, the MX420/8 system establishes itself as the world’s best type-approved navigator by integrating DGPS technology with Leica’s already world-famous GPS marine navigation system.

More functions and capabilities over the MX412B mean that you will navigate more easily and accurately. A smartly designed and compact control and display unit allows one-button access to essential navigation data. User-friendly features include the Edit function, last-used menu memory, and automatic satellite acquisition.

Other features included on the MX420/8:

  • Eight bi-directional NMEA 0183 ports (2 with the MX420/2 model)
  • DGPS integration
  • Single or dual redundancy
  • Astonishing 1 meter accuracy with Leica’s MX421DGPS beacon receiver
  • 10 different function modes for easy navigation
  • GOTO, Mark, and Man Over Board one-touch function keys
  • Tide program, Sun and Moon almanac, wind calculations
  • 3-D Panorama display mode
  • Up to 2000 waypoints and 100 routes, with icons and alphanumeric characters
  • Software is IBM compatible, with the ability to print or download more data
  • MX420/8 software upgradeable for AIS


MX420/8 has been replaced with MX512 CDU.