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ais radar




High precision accuracy marine ais radar with stable performance


1. Antenna

Antenna Model XA120 XA180
Antenna Length 120CM 180CM
Beam Width(Horizontal) 1.9degrees 1.3degrees
Beam Width(Vertical) 22degrees 22degrees

Rotation:24 Rotations /Minutes

2. Transmitter

a. Frequency: 9410MHz±30MHz(X Band)

b. Output Power: SY1204MK2: 4KW  SY1206MK2: 6KW  SY1210MK2: 12KW    SY1206RMK2: 4KW

c. Pulse Width&Pulse Repetition Frequency

Range(nm) Pulse Width(us) Pulse Repetition Frequency(Hz)
0.125/0.25/0.5/0.75/1 0.08 2200
1.5 0.08 2200
0.3 1200
2 0.3 1200
3 0.3 1200
0.8 600
4/6/12/16/24/32/36/48/64 0.8 600

3. Receiver

a. Microwave Front End: MIC

b. Noise Factor: 6dB

c. Medium Frequency: 60MHz

d. Band Width: Pulse Width—0.08us/0.3us/0.8us


4. Interface

a. GPS Data Format: NMEA0183/IEC61162_1

b. AIS Data Format: IEC61162_2

c. Heading Data Format: IEC61162_1/IEC61162_2

d. Log Data Format: IEC61162_1

e. Split Display: VGA Port

5. Power

a. Rated Direct Voltage: DC 24V

b. Voltage Range: DC 18.0V-34.0V

c. Whole Machine Working Current: SY1204MK2: 2A(24V) 

SY1206MK2: 2.7A(24V) 

SY1210MK2: 3.2A(24V) 

SY1210MK2: 2.2A(24V)


  • Image is stable and flicker-free;
  • Clear and full echo in all ranges;
  • Using multi-function microprocessor and super large scale integrated circuit, high integration and high reliability;
  • Chinese/English, marine/river switching, convenient for users to use;
  • Connect to AIS (Automatic Identification System), display AIS data;
  • With EPA function capable of plotting 10 targets;
  • Target tracking (TT) function capable of enrolling 20 targets;
  • AIS/TT target-tracking with zoom display function.