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BridgeMaster E

BridgeMaster E


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The Sperry Marine/Decca BridgeMaster E is a surface search radar introduced in 1999 and designed to provide navigation to commercial and military high-speed crafts and vessels. The radar family consists of ATA (Automatic Tracking Aid) and ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) series which have been designed to fit into a wide range of naval applications depending on the ship’s size and customer requirements. The ARPA and ATA radars feature the ability to track 60 and 40 surface targets respectively at relative speeds of 150 knots.

Many thousands of BridgeMaster E marine radars have been sold to more than 50 navies and coast guards worldwide as well as civilian customers. So far, these radars have proved outstanding at-sea reliability. The Vision clutter suppression system is offered as optional equipment for BridgeMaster E to enhance the radar picture in all weather conditions and close to land. The BridgeMaster E radars use S and X band transceivers and 15, 19, or 23 inches TFT/LCD displays

The Bridgemaster E series of Type Approved marine radars extend the tradition of innovation well established by Decca over more than fifty years.
The Bridgemaster E Series offers an unparalleled choice of configurations and options to meet the demanding and varied needs
The Bridgemaster E has a solid track record of “at sea” reliability. Since its introduction in 1999 many thousands of Bridgemaster E systems have been successfully installed worldwide.
Sperry Marine Bridgemaster E is a surface search radar designed to provide navigation to commercial and military vessels. It can also be used as VTMS radar
Key Features

  • Worldwide service
  • High reliability
  • Dual transceiver configuration for bulkhead
  • Performance Monitor
  • Full remote radar control and build-in test
  • Compatible with iTracker
  • Compatible with parabolic antennas
Antenna Sizes 4, 6 or 8 ft. (1.2, 1,8 or 2,4 m)
Areas of Use iVTMS, iOSMS, Inside Radar Dome (masthead)
Certification EC Certificate of Type Examination – Module B Marine Equipment Directive – 96/98/EC, Commission Directive 2002/75/EC – ITEM A.1/4.35
Radar Video Circle Diameter 340mm
Processor Types ARPA
Monitor Type Flat Panel LCD
Screen Size 23.1”
Resolution 1280 x 972 [interlaced]
Contrast Ratio 600:1 Typical
Light Intensity 250 cd/m² Typical
Power Supply Input Nominal AC 92-276V, 47 -64Hz
Consumption 250W max.
Human Interface Trackerball and dedicated control panel
Map Storage Memory Card
Other Features RGB Output for VDR or secondary monitor output
Options “Vision” Clutter suppression system