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VisionMaster FT

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ARPA Series

The VisionMaster FT Radar is part of our ARPA radar series, a reliable and easy to use a range of products that incorporates innovative technology. VisionMaster FT Radar delivers clear radar images in extreme weather conditions, increased operating efficiency and safety at sea for all classes of vessels.
The High-Resolution Displays of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine products deliver crisp and clear radar images for increased visibility. Situation awareness is enhanced by target detection further reducing stress-levels of the operators. The ARPA series brings greater bridge performance and improved navigation accuracy, increasing operating efficiency and safety level at sea, whilst offering a user-friendly interface.

Radar Compatibility

In order to maximize compatibility with a wide range of vessels and operating systems, the VisionMaster FT Radar is available in various configurations, including a wide range of interswitchable X-Band and S-Band formats. The product can be configured to meet a vessel’s individual requirements. It can also be quickly upgraded to chart radar, ECDIS or a TotalWatch multi-function workstation. Further upgrades can be configured to include automatic chart downloads, integrated weather routing, and remote diagnostics, as well as CCTV support and 3D vision sonar terrain. More product features can be viewed in the features tab.

Key Benefits of the ARPA Radar:

  • Advanced clutter suppression for outstanding small target detection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Target tracking capability of 100 radar targets and 240 AIS targets
  • Integrated route planning and trail manoeuvre for safe navigation
  • Multi-layer user defined radar maps
  • Optional dual channel for seamless radar data from two transceivers on one single display


VisionMaster FT Radar Information

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine delivers several varieties of ARPA scanner based on frequency (X-Band and S-Band), size of the antenna, voltage and speed. The series of S-Band radar scanner of Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine Antennas is the best solution under all weather conditions and is provided with a 12 ft antenna. The X-Band radar scanner is designed for surveillance in static site applications and is provided with 4, 6 and 8 ft antenna.

Scanner Features
Scanner features include advanced clutter suppression, target acquisition, AIS targets, interswitching, compatibility, dual-channel options and personalisation.

Advanced Clutter Suppression
In the presence of sea or rain clutter, our VisionMaster FT Radar scanner features advanced clutter suppression technology that automatically detects small, weak targets without the need for adjusting controls.

Target Acquisition
Rather than manually acquiring targets, the ARPA scanners automatically and safely acquire and track targets at relative speeds up to 150 knots.

AIS Targets
The VisionMaster FT Radar can display AIS targets and supports processing and display of AIS ATONS, Search & Rescue Craft, AIS SARTS, AIS Base Stations, safety messaging and AIS MKD.

An optional digital Interswitch allows the operator to display radar video from any scanner at any desired display. For improved user operation and flexibility, interswitching gives up to six transceivers and up to six displays.

To reduce the cost and time required for retrofit, our VisionMaster FT Radars are compatible with the BridgeMaster-E product line by partial hardware and software replacement.

Settings can be customized for different watch officers, with voyage plans and operating systems that can be saved and moved to different vessels, offering flexibility, control and safety.