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Echo Sounder Simulator & Transducer Tester SIM990

echo sounder simulator transducer tester sim990



SIM990 is portable (hand-held) combo-tester of bottom echo simulator as well as impedance tester of transducer. SIM990 will be your helpful assistant for service on board.

Echo simulator:send analog echo signal to echo sounder display.


Transducer tester:

SIM990 can be used to test most the echo sounder transducers, test their resonant frequency and resonance Impedance.

You can refer to attached transducer test reference table which lists JRC and Furuno transducers.


For other echo sounder transducers, SIM990 can test their resonant frequency and resonance Impedance.

We don’t have standard specifications of all the transducers from various manufacturers.

You can refer to the files from manufacturer or inquiry the transducers’ manufacturers, or just test one good transducer and use its result as standard reference.


SIM990 can test transducer of piezoelectric ceramics (such as Furuno, JRC, SKIPPER), can not test transducer of inductance coil (such as Elac, Atlas, Sam)

Input Freq 10kHz~999.9kHz 0.1kHz ±0.1kHz
Input Width 20us~60000us 1us ±1us
Input Period 1ms~6553.5ms 0.1ms ±0.1ms
Input amplitude 50V~2500V N/A N/A
Output Freq 10kHz~999.9kHz 0.01kHz ±0.1kHz
Output Bottom Width 20us~60000us 1us ±1us
Output Bottom Depth 0.075m~4915.125m 0.075m ±0.1m
Output Fish Width 20us~60000us 1us ±1us
Output Fish Depth 0.075m~4915.125m 1us ±1us
Output Amplitude 0.02mV~599.99Mv 0.01mV ±0.01mV
Output Fish Ratio 00:00~99:99 N/A N/A
Scan Freq 10kHz~999.9kHz 0.01kHz ±0.1kHz
Resonant Freq 10kHz~999.9kHz 0.01kHz ±0.1kHz
Resonant Resistance Of The Transducer 1ohm~65535ohm 1ohm ±1ohm
Resonant phase of the transducer freq 0~3.14 0.01 ±0.01
Resistance of the transducer at a particular 1ohm~65535ohm 1ohm ±1ohm
Phase of the transducer at a particular point 0~3.14 0.01 ±0.01