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WX Series Ultrasonic WeatherStation® Instruments

AIRMAR’s best-in-class, all-in-one   solution for real-time, site-specific weather information.

Key Features

  • The only WeatherStation that combinesup to seven sensors, all with no moving parts, in one compact unit to:

– improve reliability for superior accuracy and longevity in the field

– offer true and apparent wind speeds (without additional sensors) with improved wind resolution from 0.5 knots to 0.1 knots

  • Other weather stations would take at least three separate sensors to achieve all of the weather data Airmar WeatherStations provide.
  • Wind readings are not affected by the common problems known in mechanical anemometers and weather measuring devices like bearing wear, salt and dirt build-up, or bird perching, which can all result in failure or data inaccuracy.
  • Each unit is factory calibrated in our wind-tunnel testing lab prior to shipping.
  • For a low-cost, the units are easy-to-install either permanently, or as a portable system. They can be installed on a standard pole with 1”-14 UNS or 3/4” NPT threads.
  • IPX6 water proof rated.
  • Includes a removeable humidity sensor that is serviceable in the field and IPX4 water proof rated.
  • Offers a new power supply featuring a 50% reduction in current draw for use in remote locations that utilize solar or battery power.
  • Wider operating voltage range of 9-40 VDC.
  • Includes adjustable unfiltered wind data, available to monitor maximum gust conditions.
  • Provides output via a single cable (various lengths available) for power and either RS232 (NMEA 0183) or RS422 (NMEA 0183) and CAN BUS (NMEA 2000®) data interface.
  • WeatherCaster™ PC Software included for viewing and customizing data sentences