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Marine wind display AM706C

marine wind display am706c



The Marine Wind Display AM706C has special features to meet with ExxonMobil rules

▶  Digital & Analog Display
▶  Two Level wind speed alarms can be set by the user (ExxonMobil rules)
▶  Connect with printer to printer out wind speed & direction (ExxonMobil rules)
▶  NMEA0183 MWV wind data output  for VDR / ECS
▶  Wind Speed choices: KNOTS, KM/H, M/S
▶  Brightness control allows adjustment for best viewing in any light.

AM706C Wind Display + AM706S Wind Sensor System

Dual Display Wind System

AM706E Wind Display ( in Bridge)

AM706C Wind Display (in Cargo Control Room)

AM706S Wind Sensor (on mast)