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AMI KW-810

ami kw 810


The purpose of the Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) is to ensure that a vessel is under the control of the Officer of the Watch (OOW) at all times and to ensure that the wheelhouse is never unmanned.

The OOW must reset the BNWAS within a set time period. The BNWAS is essential for companies running a “one man bridge” operation, where the vessel is reliant on one OOWto ensure the vessel continues on a safe passage. Should the OOW become unable to interact with the BNWAS the system will enter a sequence of alarm stages:

Stage 1 – Audible and visual alarm local to the wheelhouse only

Stage 2 – additional audible and visual alarm in chosen Officer’s quarters

Stage 3 – additional audible alarm ship-wide

In addition to the standard “push to reset” controls the KW810 has the option of the KW810-P Motion Sensor. When the sensor detects movement of the OOW it will automatically reset the BNWAS counter, leaving the OOW free to carry out his normal duties without the concern of resetting the BNWAS manually every 3-12 minutes.