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Headway HMT-(S)100

headway hmt s100



Voyage data recorder (VDR-SVDR), popular name-black box, is used for recording all kinds of navigation information. The recorded data is used for analyzing causes of major and minor incidents happened during ships’ voyage.

Based on the real-time embedded operating system of Vxworks, the system is more reliable, handy and adaptable to all kinds of installations on board.

With a power of 25W without any ventilation fans, the Main Cabinet Unit body is designed to be closed, no dust to enter. There are many interfaces with PNP function. It can be configured online, with easy access to debug and random real-time monitor function. It is more convenient for data of download.

The system is stable, needless of special person for check. The Main Cabit Unit is designed to be closed and can work normally even in severe environment. With a system power of only 25W, needless of ventilation, more reliable as a result. The system’s spare parts are all self-developed and manufactured, be in strong position to provide the permanent availabilities. You can enjoy these quality and inexpensive products with excellent global service network worldwide.

The main and supplementary power supply work with 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz without any manual configuration. The control panel ensures that the machine can continue to work with supplementary power of 24V when the main power supply fails.

After the ship loses its emergency power, the battery will supply the power and go on to record audio data for over 2 hours. The maintenance-free batteries can be used for 3 years.