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Rutter VDR-100G3/G3S is a logical progression of proven technology. Offered by the industry leader in VDR retrofits, the G3/G3S delivers value and practicality in a bulkhead mountable unit thoughtfully designed to reduce cabling costs and installation time. Proven solid-state architecture minimizes ongoing maintenance and support costs. Multi-day auto-archiving comes standard with these units.

The G3/G3S’s design also focuses on functionality and convenience. The Operation and Alarm Unit (OAU) is simple and intuitive and can be situated in the main unit (as shown) or remotely mounted. Download and playback software is differentiated by the rich context provided by Netwave’s proprietary clear quality audio and video playback. An integrated USB port with a highspeed flash drive captures the most recently recorded data ensuring fingertip retrieval without interrupting the primary recording mechanism.

Like its predecessor, the VDR-100G3/G3S offers a modular “fit-anywhere” design that is scaleable to cost-effectively meet the full range of VDR and “Simplified VDR” requirements from basic IMO compliance to the most demanding of options. Through dealers and service agents in over 100 locations, Netwave offers truly global product support and installation capability and one of the largest reference lists in the industry today.


  • Compact, easily installed wall-mount unit Solid state memory devices for essential VDR functions
  • New USB function for simplified data retrieval
  • Extended internal storage capacity
  • Modular “fit-anywhere” design reduces retrofit cost and out-of-service time
  • Data output socket and playback software included


Data Storage And Retrieval Options

Standard data storage and retrieval functions go well beyond IMO requirements and we offer the following additional options:

  • The Automatic Data Archiving Module provides for long-term archiving of the full data set, either by means of a remote PC or by a connected Remote Storage Module.
  • The Multiple Video Display Capture option allows the VDR to capture and record up to three additional displays in addition to the single required main radar video.
  • Remote Monitoring, Remote Data Access, and Remote Diagnostics are available via any Standard communications channel, allowing for monitoring and retrieval of data from anywhere in the world.


Data Playback and Display Options

Standard playback and display features are comprehensive and we offer the following additional options:

  • The Advanced Graphic Analysis Module enables longterm trend analyses, simultaneous comparisons among all data parameters and provides for extraction and transfer of the data to spreadsheets for further analyses as required.
  • The Real-Time Display Module provides a conning-like real-time display of all recorded navigation data and allows for real-time display of recorded images.