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vr 5000


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The VR-5000 consists of a Data Collecting Unit (DCU), a Data Recording Unit (DRU), a Remote Alarm Panel (RAP), and six pieces of Microphones. The DCU contains interface modules, a powerful computer, and a status monitor. It collects data from sensors as required by the IMO and IEC standards. The DCU processes the incoming data and information in the order of occurrence, while old data is overwritten with new data for storage in the DRU. The recording time is a minimum of twelve hours with the standard flash memory. In case of an emergency power supply failure, the dedicated reserve batteries enable the VDR to record bridge audio for two hours.

The DCU is fitted with a removable hard disk for a backup of data recorded in the DRU. The hot-swap system and an external docking station for the removable hard disk allow data to be retrieved without interrupting the mandatory data collection

The Data Recording Unit (DRU) stores the data coming from the DCU in the flash memory. All essential navigation and status data including bridge conversation, VHF communications, and radar images are recorded. The data can be retrieved by using the playback software for an educational briefing as well as accident investigation purposes. The DRU components are embodied in a protective capsule. The capsule ensures the survival and recovery of the recorded data after an incident. An acoustic pinger helps locate the capsule.