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VR3000 VDR

vr3000 vdr


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The purpose of the VDR is to assist investigators in identifying causes of maritime casualty and to use the data for future incident prevention.

The VR3000 stores recorded data in a Protective Storage Module (DRU), and a secondary backup Hard Disk Drive for easy post-incident retrieval. A save button on the Remote Alarm Panel can be initiated by the crew to immediately preserve up to 4 incidents for review, while the system continues to record normally.

Recorded data is replayed using LivePlayer V4 in a Graphical Presentation for investigation, briefing, and training purposes. Information gathered includes vessel position, speed, heading, bridge audio, communication audio, and radar images that are configured for recording in serial, digital, and analog formats.

The VDR is intended for all the passenger ships as well as for newly constructed cargo ships of 3,000 gross tonnages and upwards. The S-VDR is for existing cargo vessels of the same

category with a phase-in requirement schedule for those of 20,000 gross tonnages and upwards first, to be followed by others of 3,000 gross tonnages and upwards. The S-VDR is not required to store the same level of detailed data as the VDR but should maintain a store, in a secure and retrievable form, of information concerning the position, movement, physical status, command and control of a ship over the period leading up to and following an incident.

Furuno VDR VR3000 Includes:

  • VR-3010 Data Collection Unit
  • VR-5020 capsule: Tested by Furuno certified engineer
  • VR-3016 Remote Alarm Panel
  • Microphones
DRU Type Fixed
Power Usage 110 VAC or 220 VAC