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Raytheon Anschütz Pilotstar D

raytheon anschutz pilotstar d


raytheon anschütz

The Anschutz Autopilot PilotStar® D uses most advanced steering algorithms and offers excellent steering performance, accuracy and reliability. The autopilot can be used in heading control mode or track control mode in combination with a separate navigation receiver. PilotStar D can easily be adapted manually or by predefined parameter sets to the current environmental or ship condition and adapts automatically to ships speed. Various interfaces make the installation of the PilotStar D Autopilot on newbuilds and retrofit applications quick and simple.


Accurate steering

Reliable technology installed on thousands of ships

Speed adaptive

Quick tune via 2 individual configurable parameter sets

Remote operator units

Type approved as heading control system

Ease of use and clear data display

Suitable for a wide range of ship types, even high speed craft