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navigat x mk2


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Power Consumption

NAVIGAT X MK2 is a compact system designed in one unit receiving power 24 has two independent inputs.
Constructed on the basis of proven gyro NAVIGAT X MK1, new gyrocompass provides longer operating time between technical services (an average of 40 000 hours). In case of power failure in the meridian gyro is within three minutes.NAVIGAT X MK2 fully satisfies the requirements of resolutions IMO A.424 (XI) and A.694 (17), conforms to ISO 8728, is type-approved Wheelmark.Key Features

  • Manufactured in accordance with IMO A.424 (XI), A.694 (17) and ISO 8728
  • Type approval Wheelmark
  • One block
  • Power supply: Power supply from two independent inputs
  • Management and a 4-line display unit on the front panel with 6 operating keys
  • Accuracy of the direction of motion
    • Static secant latitude than 0.1 °
    • Dynamic secant latitude than 0.4 °
  • Automatic speed static correction – no need for additional devices
  • Displaying data on the angular velocity
  • High-speed data transmission
  • Very accurate data transfer direction of movement
  • Automatic comparison of repeaters via the serial interface IEC-61162-1 / RS422
  • In case of power failure in the meridian gyro is within three minutes
  • Twin rotors (19,000 rotations per minute) and liquid damping system eliminates error latitude
  • Long time operation between technical service
  • Intervals between technical services 18 months
  • The monitoring function of the whole system with alarm
  • Simple and not expensive to maintain and repair
  • Long-term storage of operating data
  • More than 250 service centers Sperry Marine Worldwide

Dimensions and weight

Width         404 mm
Height         520 mm
Depth         420 mm
Weight         21 kg



Power Consumption
At startup 80 Watt DC
Operating mode 45 Watt DC
Each Repeater (analog) 8 Watt DC
Dimensions and weight
Width 404 mm
Height 520 mm
Depth 420 mm
Weight 21 kg