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Standard 22 NX GYRO Compass

standard 22 nx gyro compass


raytheon anschütz

Standard 22 NX is the successor of the popular Standard 22 gyro compass. It comes with completely renewed electronics and provides more interfaces – for serial data communication, communication via Ethernet and Bridge Alert Management, and above all, easier installation and integration. Standard 22 NX maintains the quality characteristics of Standard 22 – proven over 15 years with more than 20,000 installations.

System integration is realised with a real time redundant CAN bus ensuring that Standard 22 NX can be used with the existing heading distribution systems and in combination with Standard 22 and the maintenance free Standard 30 MF.

Facts & features for safe navigation

  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Designed for highest operational safety under harshest environmental conditions
  • Ease of integration with short installation time
  • Long maintenance periods, high lifetime value
  • Manual and automatic speed / latitude error correction
  • Quick settling reduces the settling time to 1 hour
  • Intelligent features as a heading management system
  • Seamless integration into various system environments due to a multitude of interfaces and formats
  • Bridge Alert Management compliance

Modular system architecture

modular system architecture