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Lilley & Gillie SR4


The magnetic compass bowl has been made of brass for over 100 years and continues to be made that way. A big leap forward in design marks the John Lilley & Gillie SR4 compass as the best A Class compass available in the market. With a body created out of a polycarbonate compound it does not have the problems that brass compasses have with joins potentially leaking. With compasses filled with liquid any leak can cause an air bubble to appear on top of the compass, potentially making it harder to read. The SR4 compasss completely resolves this problem.


As a fully approved Class A compass for marine use the SR4 is deployed in commercial vessels all over the world. In addition to its use on commercial vessels it is also deployed in many different naval and coastguard vessels.


Type approved to the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED), Chinese Classification Society and other Maritime Authorities.


  • The SR4 Magnetic Compass is type approved by CCS, BV and Wheelmarked
  • Desk mount or overhead bracket mount with illumination is available