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Doppler Speed Log Simulator & Transducer Tester SIM999

doppler speed log simulator transducer tester sim999



SIM999 can be used for testing single axis and dual-axis doppler speed log only.


As a doppler speed log simulator, it can be used for most of doppler speed log whose CentFreq is 1000kHz-2000kHz.

But it can’t be used for triple-axis doppler speed log.

Here below please refer tothe Simulator Setting of some models:

Simulator Set DS80(JAPAN   Furuno) JLN-205(JAPAN JRC)
CentFreq 1000 kHz 2000 kHz
OutDepth 2 m 0 m
OutWidth 20 ms 20 ms
OutAngle 37 Deg 20 Deg


As a doppler speed log transducer tester, it can measure the parameter of transducer. (Singleaxis or dual-axis only)

Here below please refer to the standard test data for some models.

Transducer Model Speed Log Model Manufacturer Frequency Resonant Impedance
NKF-547 JLN-205 JRC 2000 kHz 40±20 ohm
DS-820 DS80 FURUNO 1000 kHz 70±30 ohm


If the transducer is damaged, usually the Resonant Impedance data tested will be very big.

For other transducers, we suggest test one new good transducer firstly to get the standard data.


For connection, usually, speed log has 2 signal cables for each direction.

Single axis: FORE/ AFT

Double axis : FORE/ AFT/ Port/ Starboard

As a Simulator for Double axis speed log, test FORE/AFT firstly, then Port/ Starboard


Transducer tester:

SIM999 can only test one direction everytime. fgtrw