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Simrad AR83 Bearing Repeater

simrad ar83 bearing repeater



The Simrad AR83 Bearing repeater has been designed to accept a variety of digital inputs that are sensed when first switching on the repeater. The Simrad AR83 Bearing repeater accepts serial data (RS422). The D-type connector has pins allocated for power and serial data. The serial input is configured to recognize NMEA 0183 HDT, HDG and HDM sentence structures in priority order. The Simrad AR83 Bearing repeater may be delivered with an optional mounting bracket. The repeaters should be mounted where it is most convenient for the user, with regard to the unit’s environmental protection, temperature range and cable length. The unit should not be installed in area exposed to heavy vibrations. Avoid mounting the repeater where it is easily exposed to sunlight, as this will shorten the lifetime of the display.

AR83 Dual scale Bearing Repeater NMEA. To be mounted in BB holder, MB Holder or BH stand. IMO A424