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Safelearn Training Solutions

Safelearn Training- Solutions
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SafeLearn, a product line of Safebridge, offers complete solutions of maritime-specific online education.

The credibility and years of experience of Safebridge, secure the delivery of top-notch quality e-learning courses and certification, which cover the needs of shipping companies and the seafarers themselves.

SafeLearn offers a wide range of ECDIS Type-Specific Courses, which besides carrying the full manufacturer approvals, offer a full simulation of the actual equipment. The seafarer gets a practical understanding of the actual equipment he will use later onboard in a unique way of experiencing hands-on training.

The platform, which offers maritime specific online courses, features the FreePlay mode for these ECDIS courses, which allows for the use of the original software for the training. The trainee can apply the knowledge acquired in the GuideMe mode directly on the manufacturer’s original software and following; the TestMe is where evaluation takes place. For more effective results, the FreePlay mode is accessible as well during the TestMe mode, since practical work might be required, and this is what real hands-on training stands for.

Key features:

  • No need to install software; web-based courses with minimum system requirements
  • Cost-effective
  • No classroom reservation
  • Sufficient time frame to complete the course
  • Multiple test attempts
  • Free option for practice on the manufacturer’s original software


Courses Available

ECDIS Type-Specific Training: it provides officers with the system knowledge required to use this ECDIS for watchkeeping in accordance with the regulations of STCW and the ISM Code.

A course booking provides you with a three-week time frame to complete the course, repeating Modules where necessary, and to use the “FreePlay” Mode, which allows you to practice freely on the manufacturer’s original, type-approved, software. The courseware includes a final test of no more than 1-hour duration, which can also be repeated, leading to an individual certificate.

Available for thirteen (13) leading ECDIS manufacturers:
JRC, Raytheon Anschutz, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, Wartsila, Tokyo Keiki, Transas, Seven Cs, Simrad, Martek, Kelvin Hughes, ChartWorld, Consilium and Imtech

ECDIS Type-Specific Refresher: specifically designed for deck officers who already own a Safebridge certificate for Type Specific Training and need refresher training because they have not used the equipment for a period of time.

ECDIS Generic Training

ECDIS for Maritime Pilots: online training course on Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS), tailored for Maritime Pilots

ECDIS Basics: covers the lack of knowledge in general navigation with an objective to impart practical hands-on knowledge about the most common features and functionality of ECDIS.


LOWRANCE HDS: a course to help individuals to become an expert with Lowrance HDS Gen 3, one of the best fishfinder and chartplotter devices

SIMRAD NSO Evo 2 & NSS Evo 2: e-learning training course for chartplotter navigation systems

B&G Zeus 2 & Vulcan: a course to familiarize with Zeus & Vulcan chartplotter navigation systems for sailing boats.

Shipping Law

UK UKLAP Grade 2: a course suitable for non-UK officers working on board vessels registered in the UK who do not hold a UK Certificate of Competency (CoC) and must have a Certificate of Equivalent Competency (CEC) as per MSN 1867 (M) statement.

German Shipping Law: a course available for non-German management level officers (chief mates, chief engineers and second engineers), who are on board ships flying the German flag and need to acquire the knowledge and certification with regards to the German Maritime Law, as deemed necessary by the national regulations.