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Safemetrix Maritime Rank Specific Assessments By Safebridge

Safemetrix Maritime Rank Specific Assessments By Safebridge


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SafeMetrix by Safebridge is an online assessment platform created to help companies in the maritime industry make better crewing decisions using relevant industry and rank-specific data.

With an easy-to-use web-based, platform, SafeMetrix supports Crew Admins and Recruiters by providing them with a detailed assessment of seafarer’s soft and cognitive skills. It offers the ability to assign tests and collect data in order to generate individual and company level reports based on a scoring mechanism, which compares skills of the seafarer with a group of officers of the same rank category.

The integration of SafeMetrix into the crewing process provides substantial benefits to both companies and seafarers, into the following areas:

  • Selection: Enhanced validity of interviews via preliminary screening
  • Retention: Improved position adaptability and decreased turnover
  • Promotion: Enhanced timely and transparent career development
  • Training: Optimized training initiatives with targeted actions

The product was created in partnership with industry experts and the seafarers. Therefore, it is focused on delivering maritime, rank-specific psychometric assessments for the crews’ non-technical skills which are proved to affect the performance of a seafarer.

The important role of seafarers soft skills has been officially introduced since STCW Convention & Code 2010 Manila Amendments. These skills are increasingly important for both the wellbeing of the seafarer and the overall safety of the operations at sea.


SafeMetrix Key features:

  • Assesses the skills that matter most for maritime officers.
  • Supported by detailed industry research and rank-specific norming samples
  • The assessments are rank specific
  • Provides both individual reports and company reports
  • Simple and easy to understand reports that can be interpreted without the need of special training or psychological background.
  • Flexible and accessible from any location, administered and conducted online through a browser-based application, with no installation needed.
  • Requires internet connection. However, if the assessment is interrupted due to a loss of connection, the progress can be easily retrieved and continued once back online.
  • Basic version offered in English. By the end of 2019, Greek, Russian and Tagalog versions will be also available.
  • Discounts apply to larger purchase quantities


Types of Assessments

MET-3S | Soft Skills for Seafarers (Available for all Officer Ranks)
MET-3S assesses the soft, non-technical skills of the crew, covering three clusters of skills: coping under pressure, interpersonal skills and self-management, which are key to ensure a safe work environment onboard.

MET-CSS | Cognitive Skills for Seafarers (Available for Deck Officers Managerial Level and Engine Officers Managerial Level, more versions to be released in Q4 2019)
Cognitive Skills for Seafarers – a series of tests addressing the key cognitive functions like memorisation, problem sensitivity and information ordering that underlay awareness of the situation on board.