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alphatron marine

Public Address & General Alarm

The AlphaAnnounce Digital is a DNV type approved high quality maritime Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) system in conformity to SOLAS/IMO and IEC regulations for vessels above 500 gross tonnage and passenger vessels. This modular solution allows officers and crew to communicate through public announcements or via various alarms in case of emergency situations.

Flexible & modular

The system comprises of an 8-channel digital amplifier, a line transfer unit to supply 100V output and a back-up panel. The AlphaAnnounce can be extended from a single paging zone system to an extensive system covering several sections in a ship. By connecting units, it is possible to create a system, with as many as 64 central units and 512 speaker lines with numerous paging zones. The central unit repeats all necessary alarm and evacuation commands, which are saved directly in the message memory.

AlphaAnnounce Manager

With the use of the AlphaAnnounce Manager the complete onboard system is manageable from a single place. All properties and functions for the system can be configured with this software package. A lockable sliding drawer can optionally be built into the central rack, which contains a mini laptop with pre-installed AlphaAnnounce Manager software. This allows easy configuration and maintenance.

It is even possible to do remote management, configurations and maintenance when the laptop is connected to the internet, from any location worldwide.

  • Import and export of configuration
  • Manage all systems (or racks) through the master
  • Define paging zones, locked groups and routing
  • Create, edit or remove time-based events
  • Alarm and evacuation functions
  • Monitoring speaker line and fan speed
  • Initiate pre-recorded messages