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Doppler Speed log DS99

doppler speed log ds99



DS99 is a single axis Doppler Speed Log, displaying ship’s speed relative to water in one axis(STW, Fore/ Aft) and distance (Trip/ Total) in 7 inch TFT LCD, using Doppler principle.

Applying new technology of high integration and stability, DS99 provides you the optimum choice for large ship under 50000 GT.

Its rugged and modern design offers excellent user feelings.

Display LCD 7 inch TFT,480×234 pixel
Power Supply DC24V (18~33V), 20W
STW Speed Arrow + Digital Speed Display
Data Output IEC 61162-1 VBW, VLW
Language English / Chinese
Trip Counter Measurement from
0 to 9999.99 NM
Total Counter Measurement from
0 to 999999.99 NM
Distance Accuracy 0.2NM or 2%, whichever is greater
Speed Accuracy 0.2kn or 2%, whichever is greater
Speed Range -10 ~ +40 knots
Power Supply AC110/220V 50/60Hz
Classification IMO
Input GPS Input VTG
Output VBW and VLW