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The JLN-720 satellite log provides accurate ship speed and distance right with your fingertip operation. Regardless of weather conditions, the system is capable of providing accurate speed up to an amazing 0.02kn or 0.2% all over the world using JRC’s proven GPS compass technology. On the bridge the system is operated on a color LCD display with touch panel, providing clear and straightforward information.

The processor is built into the antenna which eliminates alignment between antenna and processor, therefore contributing to an easy setup with less error and significantly reduced installation time. This concept also reduces the installation costs as only a single cable is used between antenna and processor unit. Should something interfere with the coverage, the proven antenna design incorporates a layer of air that reduces possible blind spots, allowing for a more precise speed than conventional systems.

  • Highly accurate speed measurement
  • Triaxial vessel speed calculation
  • Intuitive operation
  • BAM compliant alert handling