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Electronic Inclinometer IM330

electronic inclinometer im330



Electronic inclinometer IM330 is a device to measure ship hull posture, including roll actual angle, roll period, roll amplitude, pitch actual angle, pitch period, pitch amplitude, date, time, longitude and latitude.

It also has alarm function for ship’s officers to avoid dangerous situations and the alarm messages (date, time, longitude, latitude, roll angel and pitch angel) are recorded in the history for check.


▶ 10.4 inch color TFT LCD
▶Pitch/ Roll/Power failure alarm
▶ two-dimension angle measure
▶ Resolution 0.01
▶ NMEA0183 Output to VDR

Dimension H264 x W270 x D93 mm
LCD 10.4 inch TFT color LCD, 640X480 pixels
Power Supply Two channels, DC 18.0V~31.2V,(24V, -25%~+30%)
AC 220/110V(50/60Hz),with AC adapter
Alarm Type Roll Alarm, Pitch Alarm and Power Failure Alarm
Alarm Flashing and Buzzer (press any key to cancel alarm)
History Storage 20 items×407pages
Output/ Input NMEA 0183
Input Baud Rate 4800bps
Output Baud Rate 4800bps
Roll / Pitch angle range -90°~+90°
Roll / Pitch angle accuracy ±0.1°
Roll / Pitch amplitude range 0°~+90°
Roll / Pitch amplitude accuracy ±1°
Roll / Pitch period range 4~40s
Roll / Pitch period accuracy 1s
Working TMP -15°C~+55°C
Waterproof IP23 (main unit) and IP 67 (inclination sensor)
Weight 3.7kg