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alphatron marine

The AlphaBNWAS Main Unit is the heart of the Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System. The Main Unit is type approved according to the current legislation for Bridge Nautical Watch Alarm Systems, as laid down by the IMO in resolution 128(75) and can be applied on all seagoing vessels.

The main unit can be activated automatically or manual and has adjustable running times of 3 and 12 minutes. Communication to VDR is integrated and the autopilot can also be connected to the BNWAS. The AlphaBNWAS Main Unit is equipped with a RS-485 interface. With this interface it is possible to read all available information of the Main Unit.

The protocol that is used is NMEA, this protocol is supported by almost every Voyage Data Recorder (VDR). Messages are send when the Main Unit is ‘on event’ and every 10 seconds.

The system can be expanded with remote reset buttons and PIR’s. A Selector unit is also an option to regulate the different officers on duty.